Datacenter Sites Kvinnherad Norway

In a world of rapidly increasing carbon emissions from the ICT industry, Norway offers a sustainable solution.
ICT is consuming an increasing share of the World´s electricity. As most of this electricity is generated from the burning of fossil fuels, ICT´s share of carbon emissions also shows a rising curve.
Large data centers (DCs) are heavy industrial scale facilities and require huge amounts of electricity. Norway´s offer is unique in this context, not only presenting a 97% share of renewables in its power production but also foreseeing a significant surplus and extremely competitive price forecasts for the years to come. Long term power prices in Norway are expected to be the lowest in the Nordics, further boosted by a significant tax reduction from 2016.
Abundant, highly competitive and renewable power through a resilient, redundant grid represents a second to none proposal to the DCs of the future.


  • Ranked 2nd worldwide in the Cushman & Wakefield 2016 Data Center Risk Index
  • Abundant renewable power, strong grid and world leading long term prices
  • A selection of sites both centrally and rurally located with infrastructure and professional representation
  • Redundant connectivity available today or within compatible timespans
  • Competitive tax regime, strong economy, competent workforce
  • Stable political situation, EU-compatible framework
  • Lowest among the Nordic Countries
  • Low or non taxes on real-estate / CAPEX investments


Powered by Glacier – Cooled by Fjord

Located on the West Coast of Norway close to the city of Bergen and BGO Intl. Airport. Kvinnherad Municipality hosting large scale hydroelectric power production of approx. 2700 GWh annually. 39 hydroelectric powerstations, 5 producing above 10MW.

• Mountain Hall, Industrial Hall, Green and Brown Fields from 600m2 to +600dekar.• Redundant hydroelectric power supply From 5 to +100MW
• Strong grid on local, regional and national level
• Redundant connectivity national/international
• Professional local ICT service
• Sustainability
• Circular Economy (e.g. combined with green hydrogen production and aqua farming)

The blue water; from glacier – to fjord – to green happy bytes


In our region the average price of electricity was in 2016 / 2017 NOK 0,24 / NOK 0,26. Due to the historic weather conditions in 2018, the short term prices boosted record high.

For general information on spot prices, please see

The price for grid connection varies from sites/locations and depends on the scale of power supply. At some sites there will be a one-time connection charge for new customers or when the grid must be reinforced for existing customers.

Grid tariff to be added and estimated to be in the range from NOK 0,10 to NOK 0,05.

Increased power supply to DCs and new Hydrogen Production combined with new lower regional grid tariffs; suggest lower prices in the future.

For general information on the Norwegian grid connection and licensing, please see on DCs reduced from NOK 0,1648 to NOK 0,0048 (approx. 0,5€MWh); the lowest tax among in Nordic countries. Kindly note the reduced may in the future not subscribe to kryptomining.

Long term contracts on large scale power supply may suggest prices for energy, including grid tariff at about +/- NOK 0,30 (VAT to be added).

A DC in use for 10MW will save NOK 1bn over a 10 yrs. period compared to prices in the UK.


Kvinnherad Næringsservice
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