• Location Coordinates N59° 52`.28.69 / E005° 46`20.70
  • Municipality estate reference 143/196
  • A Greenfield Site in Kvinnherad Municipality located on the west coast of Norway south of the city of Bergen.
  • Municipality Areal 1128km²  / Population 13.200.
  • Located next to the Regional Centre Husnes. Municipality Centre is Rosendal 30 min. by car.

Site Access:

  • International Airports Bergen (BGO) / Haugesund (HAU) 2hr.50min. or Stord (SRP) 1hr.40min.
  • Daily expressboat connection
    • from/to Rosendal and Bergen International Airport (BGO) 20min.
    • from/to Sunde and Bergen International Airport (BGO) min.
  • Regional highway No.48 next to Greenfield.
  • 100-500m from deep sea harbour.

Site Details:

  • The Greenfield site is partly owned by private investors and Kvinnherad Municipality covering an area of 600dekar.
  • Some sites for sale and for rent. Kvinnherad Municipality has 60.000sqm for sale at very favourable prices.
  • The site is mainly flat at +5 to +40m above sea level.
  • Annual mean temperature 7°C and annual mean precipitation of 1900mm.
  • The giant Hydro Aluminium factory is located at the same location.

Power Supply:

  • Kvinnherad Municipality hosts several major producers of renewable energy with an annual production of approx. 3000GWh.
  • There are 3 levels of power supply on site; the national grid Statnett, the regional Haugaland Kraft   and the local Kvinnherad Energi – hence redundant power supply.
  • Present available power supply 5-10MW.

Present grid at Husnes is at 700MW. The Hydro Aluminium Factory has reserved appox. half of this capacity. We are in the process to analyse how much surplus power supply may be reserved for the DC site.

Water / Cooling Options:

Direct water to water heat exchangers. No need for cooling compressors. A constant reliable supply of cooling water from the fjord outside pumped from 45m at a temperature +5°C.

Energy Prices:

Please see information front page.


Reliable redundant  fiber network on local, regional, national and international level. (Kvinnherad Breibånd, Haugaland Kraftlag, BKK, Telenor, Broadnet, Tampnet)

Zoning & Consent

In process.

Environmental Hazards:

No natural risks.

Location Characteristics:

The site has an established infrastructure.

The site has a stable and guaranteed energy supply and sustainable hydroelectric power at competitive energy prices.

Cost effective location to operate and low costs to upgrade to any concept demands.

Close to optimal PUE /DCiE values. Several hotels, conference facilities and restaurants nearby.

Service / Assistance:

One of the regions largest and professional ICT companies has its head office at Husnes for support and service 24/365. 



Kvinnherad Næringsservice

Kjetil Ulvesæter

+47 90888444