Project Description

Reverse ­osmosis systems from Norwater ­produce high ­quality ­potable water from sea ­water. Our products are proudly manufactured in Norway.

There are obviously pros & cons with various sources for freshwater
supply for your vessel or rig. Norwater AS is product specialist for Reverse Osmosis only, but would still like to highlight some areas where a Reverse Osmosis system would imply added value versus alternatives:

  • Easier installation (less piping)
  • Reduced operational cost (maintenance, fuel consumption)
  • “Slow Steaming” (fuel consumption)
  • Environmental legislations compliance
  • Added flexibility
  • Increased water quality control
  • Low energy consumption

Water quality guarantee

The fresh water produced by NorWater Reverse Osmosis Systems is of high-quality potable water standard, exceeding requirements set by both the WHO (World Health Organization) and NIPH (Norwegian Institute for Public Health).